The Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions in Bulgaria works actively and purposefully to support its members in their professional development and recognition for promoting their professional and social realization and increasing the prestige of the engineering profession in the name of their interests and the interests of society. The Federation has extensive experience and tradition in the organization of professional and specialized training for both employed and unemployed persons.

For the successful implementation of this activity a Center for Professional Training / CPT / was created and a statute-book for its structure and activity was approved in October 2002 with decision № 7 of the Board of the Federation.
With Protocol № 14 (15.10.2003) a License № 200312074 for CPT was issued by The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET). The License has repeatedly been supplemented and expanded with new professions and specialties. There are 212 licensed professions and specialties in the following areas: Business Management and Administration, Engineering, Manufacturing and processing, Architecture and construction, Agriculture, Forestry and fishing, Personal services, Social services and Environmental protection.

A set of legal documents which regulate the organization and implementation of vocational training is developed – Instructions for monitoring activities of the CPT, Instructions for completion and certification of vocational training in the system of CPT to The Federation (FSEU), ordinance complaints and more. The activity of CPT is managed by The Board of FSEU. Head of CPT is the Chairman of The Board of FSEU.

CPT has the following bodies:

  • Committee on qualifications and vocational training;
  • Complaints Commission.

CPT has a ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Main tasks:

  • Independently and / or / through its structures throughout the country to organize vocational training for persons over the age of 16 to promote employment and training of unemployed and employed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, the international standards and the needs of our society.
  • To make proposals to the competent authorities for the development and improvement of the system of vocational training and participate in the development of regulations related to vocational training.
  • To participate with its representatives in government and public bodies and organizations, working groups, committees and others related to vocational training.
  • To liaise with national and foreign organizations and companies to organize joint training and participation in international projects and programs for successful integration into the European Union programs for adult education.
  • To perform a single publishing and advertising activity, and provide textbooks, certificates, advertising and propaganda material, and others.

CPT methodologically and organizationally combines 18 academic centers from the country, which have their own, licenses and works on a contractual basis with other members.
Theoretical learning is held in the Houses of science and engineering in offices equipped with modern technical facilities and practical training is held in real conditions in licensed facilities.

  • The lecturers are eminent professionals with extensive teaching experience applying the most advanced forms and methods of training.
  • After passing the tests on specified modules and the final exam, the students recieve documents issued by the Ministry of Education and Science.

CPT organizes different courses and seminars for:

  • enhancing knowledge and qualification of  the specialists on current economic and scientific-engineering problems associated with the successful European integration and the effective absorption of EU funds;
  • courses in the Human Resources Development Operational Programme and other European programs managed by the Bulgarian National Employment Agency;
  • vocational training of employed and unemployed persons and on requests of companies to train their staff;
  • language courses for adults and children in accordance with the European framework for language learning.
The Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions in Bulgaria is licensed center authorized of conducting training and testing on the European Computer Driving License Programme, which allows the holder to certify in an indisputable way their computer skills.
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