Съветът по иновации и развитие на технологиите при БТПП (в който ФНТС участва от създаването му), съвместно с Министерство на икономиката проведоха в Палатата ИНФОРМАЦИОНЕН ДЕН за кандидатстване по проекти по ХОРИЗОНТ 2020 и по-конкретно за запознаване с процедурите за кандидатстване по програмите на съвместното предприятие „Горивни клетки и водород 2” (Брюксел), в което България участва от 2014 г.

First of all I would like to thank all of you who have support- ed my candidature for the FEANI Presidency last October at the General Assembly in Gdansk (PL). I am particularly honored to have been elected by all FEANI-members: this pro- vides my mandate with strong legitimacy and unbiased support. Both are very important to me and paramount to successfully accomplish this task to which I will dedicate my time and efforts to the best of my abilities in the three years to come.

Building further on the foundation laid by my predecessor re- garding the implementation of the FEANI Strategic Plan 2013- 2017, I have in co-operation with the Secretary General, con- sidered the appropriateness of assigning specific “responsibilities” to the respective Executive Board Members. This seemed re- quired because an Organization’s representation in Brussels is a bit like an embassy: it carries the Organization’s messages to the institutions and informs the stakeholders of the European situation in Brussels on a variety of issues and topics which are of specific interest to our 35 members. In his activity reports the Secretary General informs us on a regular basis about how his activities are organized and what his day-to-day work con- sists of. His activities and our Organization’s corporate strategy are very much interlinked and the strategy is also influenced by the information gathered and provided by him and other key players in the FEANI Working Groups. In order to increase our support to him, Executive Board members must get more in- volved in the FEANI business and assist in reaching the strategic goals in a more participative way.

It is rewarding to note that the Executive Board members have voluntarily agreed to this increased teambuilding in a structural way, as opposed to supporting isolated tasks in themselves. Their involvement is important for us to build alliances around particular issues where common interests are at stake and need to be worked on. It will at the same time increase our focus on the core objectives, while avoiding too much diversification. In doing so, the organization of the FEANI-structure increases with the integration of the FEANI Task Forces - which were ad hoc coalitions within our network – and which will now be formalized into FEANI Committees or Working Groups.

These bodies have been defined as the “Business Development Group”, the “National Members Forum” and the “Finance Committee”. They are chaired by one Executive Board member, each time backed-up by two other Executive Board members. These platforms will facilitate the corporate debate and activate our members to reach out to the Executive Board as decision makers. They will also help to determine our public affairs ac- tivities and to have them efficiently coordinated between the Central Secretariat in Brussels and our members throughout Europe. Building a useful professional network in Brussels is complicated and time consuming. I encourage our members to engage in this and to use this chance to get a sense of what networking sessions at the FEANI CS in Brussels are like. Attendance as well as content and purpose of these meetings can vary in level and form, from general strategic discussions to technical ones and held physically or virtually via video- or telephone-conference.

I trust that the impact of these changes will reflect on the every- day work of our members and that we will discuss best-prac- tices with each other. Also, the set-up of these working groups will facilitate the decision making processes at our General Assembly and should remedy confusion and misunderstand- ings. The further development of our products (Index, EUR ING and Eng Card), Mutual Recognition Agreements as part of Free Trade Agreements (TTIP, etc.), common training frameworks, accreditation and quality assurance of engineering programs and institutions, the European investment plan, the Bologna process, etc. are all in full development and high on our agenda. In addition, we must also further explore what are the drivers of our corporate reputation and what we want to achieve further with our strategy. We must evaluate what are the tools and the resources we need to have, in order to put our strategy in place, who are the people we should be talking to, how and when we should approach them and what the messages are which we should communicate.

I am confident that our FEANI-members will - through their val- uable inputs - offer us practical advice on how to go about de- veloping successful action plans. The results of the Working Groups will be channeled back into the strategic decision-mak- ing at the Executive Board and contribute to the continuous improvement of our Organization. In doing so, we will focus just as much on our processes than on our content and desired outcomes. In this respect the Ordem dos Engenheiros will be pleased to host the FEANI Annual Business Meetings in Lisbon later this year. We will have our FEANI General Assembly Meeting of 9 October 2015 preceded by a FEANI Conference on 8 October focusing on “The Lisbon Strategy : 15 Years later”. It will be followed by the “European Young Engineering Forum” on Saturday, 10 October. I look forward to welcoming all of you in Lisbon and I trust that in the years to come, I can rely on your kind cooperation and full involvement to make our common work a success. I thank you already in advance for that.

Yours sincerely, Prof. Dr. J. VIEIRA


На тържествена церемония на 24 януари 2015 г. Председателят на Българска академия на науките акад. Стефан Воденичаров връчи наградата „Марин Дринов“ на чл.-кор. проф.Иван Илиев за високи постижения в областта на макроикономиката и по повод 90-годишния му юбилей. На събитието присъстваха академици и представители на научната общност.

I. Право на участие

В Националния конкурс има право да участва всяко физическо лице, което в зависимост от съответната награда, отговаря на следните условия:

За наградата „Инженер на годината” – притежава документ за завършено висше техническо образование;

За наградата „Млад инженер на годината” – притежава документ за завършено висше техническо образование и е на възраст под 35 години.

Председателят на НТС по Машиностроене проф. Георги Попов стана почетен доктор на ТУ Варна

С решение на Академичния съвет на Техническия университет Варна от 09.06.2014 г., Председателят на НТСМ проф. дтн д-р инж. Георги Попов бе удостоен с почетното звание „Доктор Хонорис Кауза”.

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