General Assembly of the Federation 2015

The General Assembly of FSEU is the highest body of the Federation and therefore his conduct was met with interest by all those who work and membership in the Federation. It is this approach and demonstrated that took place on 25 June General Assembly, which brought together delegates from member companies of the Federation in Hall 4 of the Metropolitan House of Science and Technology.

The Chairman of the FSEU prof. Ivan Iatchev presented a summary of his report, which was circulated in advance with the draft budget 2015. Prof. Iatchev noted that despite the negative developments in the national and global level, the Federation is endeavored not to limit its allied activities and expressed satisfaction with the statement that "the trend of development of FSEU is positive and sustainable." Therefore, in the future, the management will continue to optimize the administrative structure, manning and compliance with strict financial discipline.

He stressed on the scientific, engineering and creative activities which are the main allied activities, directed entirely to achieve ideal goals of the Federation and its associations. Different specialists from production, researchers and students are able to promote their accomplishments through FSEU and receive current information about trends in their field in the country and the world.

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